I’ve spent my life waking up and falling asleep to the sound of the sea- it’s always been my first love. On the hot white sand, I find tranquillity and energy, absorption and inspiration. That’s probably why I’m obsessed with creating beachy, sun-kissed, natural-looking blonde tones.

My 24-year-long hair journey has taken me to a lot of places, introduced me to fascinating people, and taught me a lifetime of lessons. I’m at the point where I deal exclusively with lightening hair, specifically into blonde tones, as this is where I’ve found my niche.

I like hair that looks like its been on holiday. I specialize in balayage as it’s the guaranteed way to achieve wearable, lived-in and authentic colours that don’t need high upkeep. I believe in giving my clients great hair with low maintenance. A few unconventional methods and remarkable products (like Olaplex and Evo) let me do this.

When you walk into my boutique salon in Beach Haven, you’re entering my hair haven and place of peace. My goal is to transform your locks into a masterpiece, even if this takes a couple of sessions. Because once you reach perfection, it’s easier to keep it there.

My favourite clients are those that leave the salon as a friend. That’s why I’m meticulous about the products I recommend, one friend to another, and you’ll only find them on the tip of my tongue if they’re tried, tested and crushed on.

Having great hair doesn’t happen by accident (although the best hair looks like it did), so I believe in using salon-standard aftercare products. The right product extends colour life and keeps your hair healthy. This ensures we don’t have to colour your hair too frequently- on average, my regulars visit every 3 months.

My work allows me to have flexible hours, spend cherished time with my children and be creative. I hope this gratitude comes full circle with every appointment and that every client leaves happy.


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